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Always focus on their next move!

The way to earn people’s respect and liking, is usually to give. Give them an answer, give them your time, show them the direction. And so, this is essentially what the often cited ‘user journey’ online is all about: Making your visitors like you enough to follow you around. The challenge isn’t really to catch them, but rather how to make them continue their journey. I believe this requires a whole new way of thinking and a focus on their next move. Fortsätt läsa Always focus on their next move!

Content first in web-site development?

Baffled by the fact that we ended up there again – a “great” web site, which despite all clever people involved doesn’t really meet neither the content owners’ expectations nor those of the web development team, I started thinking: What if one turned the entire web site development process upside-down? What if we would start with the content? Fortsätt läsa Content first in web-site development?