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Why are you in social media, anyway?

Why are we in social media? This is an important question to ask. Particularly for B2B companies. Because someone told you to? Because it’s fun? Because you opened the channels five years ago and now you’re stuck with them? Or because you have a great relation to your customers in social and thus the channels are actively contributing to your brand value? Fortsätt läsa Why are you in social media, anyway?

Always focus on their next move!

The way to earn people’s respect and liking, is usually to give. Give them an answer, give them your time, show them the direction. And so, this is essentially what the often cited ‘user journey’ online is all about: Making your visitors like you enough to follow you around. The challenge isn’t really to catch them, but rather how to make them continue their journey. I believe this requires a whole new way of thinking and a focus on their next move. Fortsätt läsa Always focus on their next move!